Residential Painting

Glendale, AZ

Do you need someone to repaint your house or business premises? E & S Painting is an internationally recognized home improvement company that specializes in providing residential painting services. Unlike other companies that have a limit on the type of projects that they can work on, we have the skills and ability to revamp the appearance of virtually any building no matter the architectural design. To do this, our staff undergoes regular training that hones their skills and expertise.
We have also put in place a rigorous training process that is tailored to ensure that we only get the best candidates from the job market. We not only concentrate on one's academic qualifications and experience, but also interpersonal skills such as teamwork and accountability. One of the best ways of painting a positive image of your company to your customers is by repainting your premises once or twice per year, but this is dependent on the type of paint applied and your budget. We have a special team of experts that focus on commercial painting projects.
Everyone in our company is committed and determined to providing nothing but the best painting services. Before commencing the project, we will come to your premises to assess its current condition and understand your specific needs and preferences. By gathering all this information, we are able to know the most ideal painting service package for you as well as generate a quote. The quote is inclusive all the tasks that we will do, you will only pay the amount indicated.
Contact our support team to get more details about our services and pricing. You can also come down to our offices located in Glendale, AZ to get a clearer perspective of what we do. We look forward to giving your premises a new touch of class by applying high quality paint expertly.